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A microwave is the device in your home that just ‘does its job’ and is there when it is needed. You don’t really notice that it’s there – except when it stops playing ball and won’t do what it’s supposed to do!

So, if your microwave convection / grill is having problems, then you can bring it into us here at Excellent Electrics in Bromley for a repair. We can repair all faults to microwaves such as not heating, not grilling and turntables not turning – indeed any aspect of microwave faults can be repaired quickly and effectively. We can have your microwave back in your kitchen, and often within a day.

We repair all the top brands – in fact it doesn’t really matter who manufactures your microwave, we’ll very probably be able to fix it, and at a very attractive price. Microwaves are usually not that expensive, but why buy a new one when you can have your existing Microwave repaired for a fraction of the price?

So, bring your moody microwave into us here at Excellent Electrics in Bromley so we can ascertain what’s wrong and get your machine up and running again. For further info, call us on , or email us at .

We offer a delivery and installation service on products sold within the South East Greater London area.

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