Paula BaconA very big thank you for bringing Mickey Mouse back to life! Mickey has been part of the family for 14 years, a present given to my daughter by her grandparents when she was very small. Mickey stopped working after all this time and it was a very sad day, I searched many places and no one was willing or able to fix him. Thankfully I saw your website and you were very happy to take a look. When I received your phone call to say he was alive and working again it was just wonderful. So a very big thank you from us all, Mickey will remain in the family for a long time to come!
Paula Bacon

Hi, I came into your store yesterday with my Polaroid TV to be repaired for my elderly father .I received excellent service the staff member was very helpful and it was repaired within the hour.

I would definitely use this company again.

Alison Rawle

Highly recommended.  I had an intermittent complete loss of sound on my Sony HiFi.  Intermittent faults are th3e hardest to troubleshoot and it took them some time to track down to a faulty transformer.  Ordered and fitted a new one and I was very pleased with the result and the overall cost.  Straightforward and pleasant to deal with.

Claude, London

Fixed a VHS/DVD Combo Recorder which had lost it’s tuning ability.  Asked good questions beforehand and had the work done in three working days.  Only gave the estimate after he’d fitted the parts and assured himself that the unit was working again.  If I’d said no, he’d taken them out again and only the non-refundable inspection fee would have been due.  But I said yes, paid just over £100 in total and the unit has been running fine since.  Would definitely use again.


Reading their great reviews, I phoned them to ask their advice about a DVD recorder repair (as I live quite a long distance away) and they were very helpful.  Someone even phoned me back two days later as promised, even though they were unable to provide any further information as it turned out – most companies wouldn’t have bothered.  Top marks for caring about service.

Ricky Nelson

This is the third time I have used Excellent Electrics.  As before, I took in a DVD recorder late in the morning, and it was repaired by the end of the day! They keep a very large stock of spare parts, which means you don’t usually have to wait for them to order these from elsewhere before repairs can begin.  Extremely efficient and friendly service, as always.  I would use no other.  Excellent Electrics really live up to their name.

Lewis Jones

TV lost all BBC channels took it in on Friday, done by Monday.  Friendly helpful service.

Rowan, Orpington

I took in a malfunctioning DVD recorder late this morning.  I had a phone call from Excellent Electrics this afternoon to say that the Digital Decoder had packed up.  By Team time I had picked up the equipment, repaired and in full working order. Brilliant services from a friendly team.  My highest recommendation.

Lewis Jones

Plasma TV stopped working on Tuesday evening; called EE Wednesday morning; they collected the TV on Thursday morning; mended it on Thursday afternoon and reinstalled it on the wall on Friday morning.  Excellent service, a good price and very friendly and helpful.  Strongly recommend them.

Steve C

Very surprised at low cost and quality of repair to very old high fi machine that I was prepared to take down to local tip because my own local shops could not even be bothered to examine it.

Beddington Carpets

First time used – and NOT the last!

They repaired my 2003, very expensive Philips 32” TV in 2 or 3 days.  Collected and delivered (weighs 59kgs).  They replaced the RGB Op thingy. Parts and labour £32, fuel surcharge £5 – How good was that!
Well done Mike and Dan.

Ronnie Williams