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If your Dyson has lost its sucking power, then don’t despair, bring it to the Dyson clinic at Excellent Electrics in Bromley.

Maybe your Dyson is losing pick up power or is no longer providing sufficient suction. Perhaps it cuts out completely or won’t even switch on at all. Is it making alarming noises, or can you smell burning or smoke? Then disconnect your Dyson from the mains and bring it to us immediately!

We have excellent levels of understanding about the entire Dyson range, as well as the resources to obtain both new and used spares and components. We’ll have your Dyson up and sucking again before the dust at your house has even settled.

You can also book your Dyson in for a service if you feel your cleaner is not as powerful as it should be. We can offer you a free quotation for any work that needs doing, and we won’t lift a finger until you give us the green light.

Ever wondered why your Dyson is not as effective as when it was brand new?

With a vacuum cleaner with a bag, each time you change bags you are effectively changing one of the filters – with a Dyson this doesn’t happen. There is no bag to change, hence your Dyson is getting clogged up with dirt.

This is an example of what we see on a regular basis, at Excellent Electrics we have the equipment to strip down your Dyson, clean it and have it working like new again.

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So, if your Dyson now sucks (in a bad way) don’t despair, just bring it into us at Excellent Electrics in Bromley. Call us any time on , or email us at .

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We offer a delivery and installation service on products sold within the South East Greater London area.

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