If it’s got a plug on it, we’ll fix it … even if it hasn’t got a plug on it we probably still can!

Why do TVs – even HDTVs and Smart TVs – seem to becoming cheaper and cheaper? Why do 50-inch TVs that sold for £1,000 12 months ago now commonly retail at £400? That’s an amazing drop in price, when you come to think about it.

Have you ever wondered what corners were cut to make them so much cheaper?

Unfortunately, seldom these days does ‘new’ necessarily mean ‘better’. Indeed, an electronic item that is three to five years old is a better build quality and much more reliable piece of equipment than one that is currently sitting in a retailer’s stockroom, waiting for purchase.

So, if your TV is three to five years old it is going to be a much higher quality item than the one for £400 in the high street. If it becomes faulty, it’s much more cost effective to get it repaired.

What’s more, your repaired TV is much more likely to remain in serviceable condition than one you’d buy new.

Has that got you thinking? Give us a call on and we can help you save money by repairing your electrical items.

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Save money by having your electrical repairs completed by Excellent Electrics

Inside your electrical item, you have circuit boards and on these circuit boards there are many components such as resistors and capacitors – one option is to change the circuit board when something goes wrong, but by choosing Excellent Electrics to repair your electrical item we will always aim to give you a reduced bill because our objective will be to replace the components that are faulty, not the whole circuit board.

It also gives me a greater job satisfaction knowing that I have actually repaired something rather than just swapping a part.

This happens in most cases, but sometimes we do come across parts that manufacturers do not supply individually. In this scenario we may need to change the circuit board as a whole.

Please call and we can help you save money by repairing your electrical items.

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Does “Best Buy” mean “Best Value”??

In the world of reviews, it’s easy to find reviews for the items you are thinking of buying – the problem is that we have a tendency to believe them as Gospel, the reality though is that these reviews are made by people who “play” with the kit – the word “Best Buy” does not necessarily mean “Most Reliable”.

If you would like an engineer’s opinion, who repair these products day in and day out, we are the best people to speak to because we are unbiased and know what is the most reliable and therefore “Best Value”

For an unbiased opinion, give us a call on and we can help you choose the right electrical item to buy

Where would we be without our electrical devices? Well, if your electrical device develops a fault, you soon find out what it’s like without it!

So, is your TV devoid of picture? Has your vacuum cleaner lost its suck? Then bring it to Excellent Electrics in Bromley and we’ll soon find out just what’s gone wrong.

We have the power!

If you can get it through the door, we can fix it … and we have large doors!

At Excellent Electrics we can offer you all manner of repairs and electrical services. If you have to plug it in or stick batteries in it, then we can help. We can offer estimates for the repair and servicing of all electrical items. Just bring your item along and one of our experienced engineers will assess the fault and calculate the cost of repair. Once you’ve received our pricing, it’s up to you whether you want to go ahead. If not, you can simply pick up your item in the same condition it was left with us.

Among the services we can offer at Excellent Electrics:

  Repairs to all makes and models of TVs, music systems, DVD players, microwaves, etc.

  Repairs to all makes of computers and laptops

  Supply and installation of plasma, LED and LCD televisions.

  Upgrades to DVD players to make them multi-region (including RCE upgrades)

  Supply of reconditioned electrical goods

  Supply of new electrical goods

  Supply of accessories, such as batteries, leads and remotes

  Repairs and spares for all the leading makes of vacuum cleaners, including Dyson, Hoover, Electrolux and AEG

  PAT testing

I’m so happy Excellent Electrics fixed my Wurlitzer, I thought I was going to have to have a complete new CD mechanism but Magic Mike saved the day ” Sandy

Wurlitzer Repair

So, if you’ve an item that’s as dead as an electrical dodo, then bring it to us. For electrical repair services in Bromley, call Excellent Electrics on , or email us at .

We offer a delivery and installation service on products sold within the South East Greater London area.